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Public Day Program

0915-0945 How do your lymphatics work
Dr Echoe Bouta
0945-1030 Morning Tea
1030-1100 Lower Limb Lymphoedema
A/Prof Andrea Cheville
1100-1130 Assessment and treatment of lymphoedema
Prof Neil Piller
1130-1215 Exercise for lymphoedema, fatigue
Prof Sandi Hayes,
Dr Carolina Sandler
1215-1230 Patient perspective- “Riding the Swell”
Gail Austen
1230-1300 Self-care for lymphoedema patients
A/Prof Jie Deng
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1430 Lipoedema - Management options
Dr Chris Lekich and Lauren Eastaughffe
1430-1500 Nutrition, wound care and lymphoedema
Jan Rice
1500-1530 Your changing skin and finding the right skin products
Dr Malou van Zanten
1545 Finish

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