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Program Thursday

0730-0900 Registration
0945-1030 Plenary Address
Practical considerations in program development: Preserving effectiveness in real world lymphoedema management
Associate Professor Andrea Cheville
Research Chair and Division Chair for Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphedema Services in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic, USA | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Leonie Naumann
1030-1115 Morning tea | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
1030-1115 Poster Session | Foyer, The Boulevard Room
Workshop 1A Workshop 2A Workshop 3A Workshop 4A
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room B2 Meeting Room B3
Chair Maddy Stockden Aoife McGarvey Elizabeth Dylke Deb Hurt
Practical considerations in managing lymphoedema in the palliative setting
A/Prof Andrea Cheville
Assessment of head and neck lymphoedema
A/Prof Jie Deng
Chronic Venous Insufficiency and phlebolymphoedema; differential diagnosis, treatment and management
Dr Malou Van Zanten
Wound care in the presence of lymphoedema
Jan Rice
1215-1315 Lunch | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
1315-1355 Invited Speaker
Elucidating the relationship between lymphatic function and disease
Dr Echoe Bouta
Senior Analyst
Outcome Capital, Boston, USA | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Shirley Preston
Session A1 Session A2 Session A3 Session A4
Head and neck lymphoedema ICG Assessment Service delivery models Lower limb lymphoedema
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room B2 Meeting Room B3
Chair Robyn Ricketts Louise Koelmeyer Monica Vasquez Hildegard Reul-Hirche
1400 - 1415 Maximising screening and referral to physiotherapy after neck dissection: a translational study
Aoife McGarvey
Versatility of ICG Fluorescence Lymphography in the Outpatient Setting
Hiroo Suami
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre’s lymphoedema telehealth model of care
Erika Kotowicz
The detection of secondary lower limb lymphedema in women following gynaecological cancer treatment
Wendy Dawson
1415 - 1430 Head and neck lymphoedema treatment - are we actually achieving results?
Amanda Pigott
Near-Infrared Fluoroscopy Lymphatic Imaging (NIRFLI)- Outcomes and drainage pathways of our first 60 UK patients
Jane Wigg
Mercy Health Lymphoedema Service: Designing a new model of care
Rebecca Hardman
The prevalence, incidence and quality of life impact of lymphoedema after treatment for vulvar or vaginal cancer
Elise Gane
1430 - 1445 “I wouldn’t look in the mirror”: The distress and quality of life of living with head and neck lymphoedema
Jodie Nixon
Identification and incidence of the Contralateral Popliteal-drainage Pathway (CPP)- Belgrado Pathway
Jane Wigg
Lymphoedema monitoring and surveillance program at the Princes Alexandra Hospital – over view of the last 8 years
Sarah Manning
A pilot study for the effectiveness of early intervention with customized pressure garment in the prevention of lower limb lymphoedema in gynaecological cancer patients - a prospective randomized trial
Cammy Tsai
1445 - 1500 Head and neck lymphoedema and the impact on swallow function
Claire Jeans
Innovative ways for assessing lymphoedema using ICG fluorescence imaging
Asha Heydon-White
Optimising outcomes efficiently in an Australian public lymphoedema service
Gemma Arnold
Does lymphoedema influence overall survival post-gynaecological cancer?
Megan Steele
1500-1530 Afternoon tea | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
Session B1 Session B2 Session B3 Session B4
Upper limb lymphoedema Melanoma Surgery Other oedema
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room B2 Meeting Room B3
Chair Robyn Sierla Elise Gane Sally Kava Ingrid The
1530 - 1545 Agreement of signs and symptoms of breast cancer-related lymphoedema with bioimpedance spectroscopy ratio
Brenda Svensson
Lymphoedema prevention following inguinal or ilioinguinal node dissection for metastatic melanoma
Melody Brown
Suction assisted lipectomy for lymphoedema – the alert 5 year experience
Thomas Lam
Lymphoedema and Spinal Cord Injuries: What is the evidence?
Robyn Ricketts
1545 - 1600 The effect of arm position on inter-limb circumference measurements
Kaitlin Christmas
Incidence and progression of lymphoedema following melanoma treatment
Nicola Bradley
Liposuction assisted lipectomy for lipedema – the alert experience
Helen Mackie
So far so good
Is Compression therapy safe and effective for paediatric patients with lymphoedema?
Margaret Patterson
1600 - 1615 Understanding self-management and home monitoring in breast cancer-related lymphoedema: a qualitative study
Louise Koelmeyer
The challenge of “Living Normally” - A qualitative study of the experiences, occupational performance impacts and needs of people with stage III metastatic melanoma and lymphoedema
Melody Brown
Establishing a lymphovenous anastomosis (LVA) service
Quan Ngo
Sub clinical lymphatic pathology in young in Filariasis endemic area of Odisha, India
Shantanu Kar
1615 - 1630 What's best for breast? Current assessment practices
Elizabeth Pinkham
Regional node recurrences-natural history and treatment
John Boyages
Obesity, the BIG problem in Lymphoedema
Elizabeth Webb