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Program Saturday

0730 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 0945 Plenary Address
Risk stratification for lymphoedema: operationalisating prospective surveillance for breast cancer related lymphoedema
A/Prof Andrea Cheville
Research Chair and Division Chair for Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphedema Services in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic, USA | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Leigh Ward
0945 - 1030 Scientifically Speaking
Telling a scientific story
Dr Elizabeth Dylke | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Leigh Ward
1030 - 1100 Morning tea | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
1030 - 1100 Poster Session | Foyer, The Boulevard Room
Session D1 Session D2 Session D3 Session D4
Clinimetrics Epidemiology and advocacy General treatment Self and distance management
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room P10 Meeting Room P11
Chair Jodie Nixon Susan Butcher Megan Trevethan Brenda Svensson
1100 - 1115 Self-reported questionnaires in lymphedema: Systematic review of measurement properties
Vincent Singh Paramanandam
LIMPRINT: A facility based epidemiology based study at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
Marie Coulombe
Developing movement and drainage programmes for people living with lymphatic insufficiency
Jane Wigg
How important is exercise supervision for those with or at-risk of lymphoedema to lymphoedema outcomes? Results from a randomised, controlled trial
Ben Singh
1115 - 1130 A novel approach to standardise outcomes for monitoring lymphoedema.
Robyn Sierla
Lymphoedema registry (ANZLoR) – 3 year final summary
Helen Mackie
"Keeping the pressure on: Does compression reduce cellulitis?
Protocol and preliminary data for a randomised controlled trial"
Elizabeth Webb
Implementation of a Lymphoedema Surveillance Program in a regional hospital
Susan Eaton
1130 - 1145 An investigation into the pitting quality of lymphoedematous tissue using ultrasound elastography
Jennifer Sanderson
The incidence of oedema in an acute palliative care setting: a retrospective review
Caitlin Ryan
Adipose tissue macrophage inflammation and altered tryptophan metabolism in advanced cancer-related lymphoedema
Lisa Sedger
Telephone reviews in lymphoeema: encouraging health independence and avoiding unnecessary visits
Rebecca Hardman
1145 - 1200 Lymphoedema action alliance (LAA) – an update
Helen Mackie
1200 - 1300 Lunch| Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
Workshop 1C Workshop 2C Workshop 3C Workshop 4C
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room P10 Meeting Room P11
Chair Deb Hurt Aoife McGarvey Mi-Joung Lee Helen Badran
Chronic Venous Insufficiency and phlebolymphoedema; differential diagnosis, treatment and management
Dr Malou Van Zanten
Wound care in the presence of lymphoedema
Jan Rice
An Overview of Lymphatic Basic Science Research
Dr Echoe Bouta
CARE Express - Communicating Actively, Responding Empathically
Jodie Nixon and Lyndal Gray
1405 - 1500 Panel Discussion
Insights into lymphatic research and diagnostics with ICG and NIR imaging: Expert Panel Debate | Boulevard Auditorium
Moderator Dr Elizabeth Dylke
Panel Members Dr Malou van Zanten, Dr Echoe Bouta, Associate Professor Hiroo Suami, Jane Wigg
1500 - 1530 Afternoon tea | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
1530 - 1615 Plenary Address
The State of Science of Head and Neck Lymphedema Management and Self-Care
A/Prof Jie Deng
Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing
University of Pennsylvania, USA | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Leonie Naumann