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Program Friday

0730 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 0945 Plenary Address
Symptoms Related to Head and Neck Cancer Associated Lymphedema
A/Prof Jie Deng
Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing University of Pennsylvania, USA | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Teresa Lee
0950 - 0955 Platinum Sponsor Address | Boulevard Auditorium
1000 - 1045 Invited Speaker
Antiseptics --- No, Yes, Possibly??
Jan Rice
Woundcare Services, Australia | Boulevard Auditorium
1045 - 1130 Morning tea | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
1045 - 1130 Poster Session | Foyer, The Boulevard Room
Session C1 Session C2 Session C3 Session C4
Surveillance and screening Patient perceptions Assessment with BIS Practitioner education
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room B2 Meeting Room B3
Chair Amanda Piggott Jocelyn Foo Vincent Singh Paramanandum Sharon Czerniec
1130 - 1145 Improving efficiency of service to pre-op breast cancer patients
Elizabeth Pinkham
Facial lymphoedema following treatment for head and neck cancer: impact on patients, and beliefs of health professionals
Aoife McGarvey
A rolling bioimpedance probe to map lymphoedema
Leigh Ward
Translating knowledge into practice: Use of practical tutorials to support a rotational multidisciplinary lymphoedema workforce
Megan Trevethan
1145 - 1200 Snapshot of breast cancer lymphoedema monitoring and education protocol
Nicole Rampton
Patient perceptions of living with head and neck lymphoedema and the impacts to swallowing, voice and speech
Claire Jeans
Normative arm-to-leg impedance ratios for diagnosis of uni- or bilateral, upper- or lower-limb lymphoedema
Megan Steele
Increasing capacity - students in the lymphoedema clinic
Stacey Bradshaw
1200 - 1215 Breast cancer-related lymphoedema screening in a nurse-led clinic
Janet Milne
What do women want from lymphoedema treatment? Views of women with breast cancer-related arm lymphoedema
Eunice Jeffs
Bioimpedance reference ranges for male unilateral upper limb lymphedema
Alice Xie
A multidisciplinary model of care for lymphoedema clinical care, research and treatment
John Boyages
1215 - 1230 Prospective surveillance model of care for breast cancer-related lymphoedema results in earlier detection and decreased disease severity over time
Louise Koelmeyer
“We’re all in this together”: Use of annual group education sessions to enhance patient engagement with their health service"
Jennifer Tan
An investigation into the use of bioimpedance spectroscopy to evaluate tissue composition
Jennifer Sanderson
Passion. What are the reasons healthcare professionals lose it and solutions to find it!
Jane Wigg
1230 - 1330 Lunch | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
1330 - 1415 Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion of Complex Cases | Boulevard Auditorium
Moderator Dr Vani Prasad
Panel Members Associate Professor Andrea Cheville, Associate Professor Jie Deng, Jan Rice, Louise Koelmeyer, Hildegard Ruel - Hirche
1415 - 1500 Invited Speaker
Dr Malou Van Zanten
Molecular and Clinical Research Institute
St George’s Hospital, University of London, UK | Boulevard Auditorium
Chair Helen Mackie
1500 - 1530 Afternoon tea | Exhibition, The Boulevard Room
Workshop 1B Workshop 2B Workshop 3B Workshop 4B
Room Boulevard Auditorium Meeting Room B1 Meeting Room B2 Meeting Room B3
Chair Aoife McGarvey Claire Jeans Deb Hurt Shirley Preston
An Overview of Lymphatic Basic Science Research
Dr Echoe Bouta
CARE Express - Communicating Actively, Responding Empathically
Jodie Nixon and Lyndal Gray
Practical considerations in managing lymphoedema in the palliative setting
A/Prof Andrea Cheville
Assessment of head and neck lymphoedema
A/Prof Jie Deng
1630 - 1715 ALA AGM | Boulevard Auditorium